hi. whether you are coming to BurningMan this year or not, if you have been before, this is for you…

we are preparing an interactive project this year to explore what inspires about BurningMan. and we'd like to start that conversation here, now, "back home".

this website is a place to name a something, or several somethings, that you've learned at BurningMan. an insight, a lesson, something meaningful. and when you give one, you get one back — from someone else.

the ideas we collect from you now will be incorporated into the next phase of project, in black rock city, in a few days. but it doesn't end there. we are curious about what inspires at BurningMan. and we are curious about how to bring those insights and lessons "back home."

that migration of insight from there to here is a simple thing. but not a simple thing. an exploration. challenge. rite of passage?

so, whether you encounter our project at BurningMan or not, consider: what part of BurningMan do you carry with you? does what happens there only stay there? or is it other than Other-Place? more than adventure/vacation/catharsis/party? is it — could it be — also incubator for something bigger, more impactful, more bettering for more people?

let's find out…